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Pharmacist designed CyberScript® is an online prescription ordering system that enables your customers using the web to order their prescription refills and to verify that they are ready prior to coming to the pharmacy to pick them up.

::: How does it work?

Your customers access CyberScript® on your website and CyberScript®'s user friendly prompts walk them through selecting their pharmacy, entering their prescription numbers, and proceeding through the ordering process. CyberScript® records the prescriptions requested, interfaces with your pharmacy's pharmacy system software to determine and display the real time refill status, and obtains a desired pickup time based on the make up of the order and your pharmacy's own preset minimums.

CyberScript® Plus offers your customers even more functionality, such as the ability to convey special messages to the pharmacist and to specify how they wish to receive their prescription order, i.e. via pickup, mail, or delivery. CyberScript® Plus also enables your customers to request a transfer of their prescriptions from one of your pharmacies to another or from a competitor pharmacy to your pharmacy. CyberScript® Plus even features a pharmacy locator that allows your customers to find one of your pharmacies by street, city, zip code, or specialty service offered.

Once the prescription refills ordered are placed successfully in your pharmacy's pharmacy system fill queue, a confirmation is displayed for the customer as a conclusion to the ordering process. This confirmation includes the address and phone number of the pharmacy selected, the number of prescriptions in the order, and the pickup time (when pick up at the pharmacy is designated) or a reference that the order will be delivered or mailed as applicable.

::: Implementation is easy

CyberScript®, consisting of specialized software, a web server, an application server (or combined web/application server), and a database server, is very easy to install. CyberScript® utilizes your server hardware and is hosted by your company or a designee. The software is supplied via a one-time license fee, so there are no click charges.

Ask your AIS sales associate for demo information and join the thousands of pharmacies offering CyberScript Plus online.

   ::: Integrates with other powerful technologies