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Pharmacist designed Dial-a-Script® is an interactive voice response (IVR) system that enables customers using a touch-tone phone to order their prescription refills, verify that they are ready prior to pickup, and access your pharmacy’s hours and location information without the need to speak to a member of your pharmacy’s staff. Dial-a-Script® also includes a doctor voice mail feature that allows doctors’ offices to provide new prescription and refill authorizations without the need for live assistance.

::: How does it work?
Dial-a-Script® interacts with your pharmacy system software to provide real-time information to customers. Dial-a-Script® collects the prescriptions requested, determines refill status, obtains a desired pickup time using your pharmacy’s own preset minimums, and places the prescriptions in your pharmacy system’s fill queue. When a prescription in the order does not have any refills remaining or is expired, Dial-a-Script®’s auto-fax feature can fax a refill authorization request automatically to the prescriber.
Dial-a-Script® is packed with valuable features, all included in one low price:

::: Features
Intuitive call flow
Customized messaging
Multi-department auto-attendant
Customer and doctor voice mail
Security check
Spanish option
Drug name recitation
“Is my prescription ready?” status checking
Pharmacy hours and location
Pickup, mail, and delivery
Workload profile
Holiday schedule (set once a year or just before the specific holiday and spoken dynamically)
Refill request auto-fax (requires modem and phone line, not included)
Centralized management application (for streamlined updating of distributed systems)
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Dial-a-Script®, designed to be flexible and to serve your pharmacy for many years to come, is extremely configurable. Most changes, including the pharmacy system type, can be handled by modifying the settings within Dial-a-Script®’s intuitive configuration program. This means that you are not required to repurchase an IVR system when changing pharmacy systems. Both message and program updates are included in your maintenance and support coverage– so there are no extra charges and no nickel and diming.

::: Benefits
Dial-a-Script® promotes time saving convenience and a superior calling experience, resulting in customer and doctor loyalty and retention. Customers are afforded the convenience of placing prescription refill orders and accessing information 24 hours a day. Doctors can call in new prescriptions and refill authorizations any time they wish. In addition, with Dial-a-Script® on the job, customers are not required to wait on hold to place prescription refill orders and to check the status of them, nor doctors are required to wait on hold in order to call in prescriptions.
Dial-a-Script® handles the call so that your pharmacy’s staff doesn’t have to. Its unique, pharmacist-designed call flow, complete with the ability to confirm the prescription ordered by speaking the associated drug name to the caller and to provide answers to the anticipated questions of the caller, enables it to handle up to 90% of prescription refill order calls and up to 60% of total calls, without the need for live assistance. As a result, Dial-a-Script® enhances productivity and job satisfaction and can reduce your pharmacy’s payroll and provide a quick return on your investment.

::: Implementation is easy
Dial-a-Script® interfaces with more than 20 different pharmacy systems, operates with most phone systems, and is simple to implement. It is available in distributed (one system in each pharmacy) and central (one large system that supports multiple pharmacies) configurations. AIS specialists will outline your deployment options and the associated requirements and can work with you and your telecom and IT technicians to analyze which is best for you.
Dial-a-Script®, consisting of specially developed software and PCI voice card(s), can be installed on a pharmacy system Windows workstation PC or on another networked PC of your choice (for distributed deployments) or on a server (for central deployments). AIS offers onsite and remote installation services--the vast majority being remote, since the implementation process is so efficient and effortless.

New Feature: U-Queue™
U-Queue™ is a supplemental program to Dial-a-Script® which allows pharmacy personnel to enter into the pharmacy system fill queue both walk up prescription refill orders and those that come from callers who zero out of Dial-a-Script®. U-Queue™ validates each prescription refill entered onto the U-Queue™ page and displays the associated refill status, prior to passing it to the pharmacy system fill queue. When U-Queue™, in conjunction with Dial-a-Script®, determines that a prescription requires refill authorization and the Dial-a-Script® refill authorization auto-fax feature is enabled, it will query the doctor’s fax number on the pharmacy system and if present, a fax to the doctor is automatically sent. U-Queue™ also enables pharmacy personnel to enter the customer’s requested pickup time. When supported by the pharmacy system, the pickup time will display on the pharmacy system fill queue along with the prescription number for prioritization of work.

::: Benefits
Free of charge to Dial-a-Script® users as part of annual maintenance and support.
Eliminates manual refill authorization request outbound faxes
Rids the need for notes containing prescription orders that can be easily lost
Enables all prescription refills ordered to be stored in one place
Allows prioritization of work

Ask your AIS sales associate for demo information and learn why pharmacist-designed Dial-a-Script is the most sophisticated pharmacy IVR system available.

::: Integrates with other powerful technologies