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Pharmacist designed RxCall® is an outbound notification system that acts as your pharmacy's virtual messenger. The system informs customers via telephone when their prescription order is ready for pickup or reminds them when their prescription order has not been picked up and is soon to be returned to stock.

::: How does it work?

RxCall® queries your pharmacy system software to capture the most up to date prescription information available. RxCall® can place "ready" calls automatically for prescription orders generated through Dial-a-Script®, or place "ready" calls and "will call" reminders with your pharmacy's click of a mouse or barcode scan to any customer at any time. When using RxCall® in tandem with a pharmacy system with the appropriate capabilities, RxCall® can alternatively be configured to place "ready" calls and/or "will call" reminders automatically when it receives a call request from the pharmacy system.

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Ready Call

Will Call Reminder

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RxCall® can also make miscellaneous marketing calls on your pharmacy's behalf. You simply define the script to be spoken and provide a file of the phone numbers to call. AIS will have the messages professionally recorded for you as part of your maintenance and support coverage, enabling you to change them as often as you like while incurring no extra fees.

These calls can include:

Targeted marketing messages
Flu shot clinic dates and times
Drug recall information
Promotional communications

RxCall® tracks each call it makes and logs the associated real time status for viewing on the RxCall® Manager screen. The RxCall® Manager displays the call source and type, whether the call was successful, the time the call was placed, and whether the call was answered by a person or an answering machine. When a call was unsuccessful, the RxCall® Manager displays the reason for the failure, i.e. line busy, no answer, etc. RxCall® can be configured for the number of call attempts and the retry interval desired.


RxCall®'s benefits are immediate and will be of significant value to your pharmacy and your customers:
RxCall® promotes superior customer service and time-saving convenience, resulting in customer loyalty and retention. Customers requesting a "ready" call no longer have to contact the pharmacy to confirm that their prescription order is ready. They will receive real-time notification at the phone number they specify.
RxCall® maximizes prescription pickups, minimizes return to stocks, and limits prescription processing rework, enhancing your pharmacy's profitability by increasing bottom line sales and reducing costly overhead.
RxCall® ensures reliable and timely communication, while reducing time on the telephone placing calls to customers and answering prescription status inquiries.

::: Implementation is easy

RxCall® interfaces with more than 20 different pharmacy systems and is available in distributed and central configurations. It is a specialized system add-on to the industry leading Dial-a-Script® pharmacy IVR system and is very simple to implement. Once Dial-a-Script® for Windows is in place with an adequate number of ports and phone lines, no additional hardware is needed. Implementation is as easy as installing the software, ensuring that the phone system is programmed to place outbound calls, and entering the dialing rules into the RxCall® system.

Ask an AIS sales associate for demo information and learn why pharmacist designed RxCall® is the call that pays you back.

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