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Pharmacist designed Q-Script® is a prescription refill management system that facilitates provision of auto-refills and refill reminders. For auto-refills, Q-Script® automatically places prescription refill orders into your pharmacy's pharmacy system fill queue based on the lead time you specify. Q-Script® enrolls the prescriptions, collects patient contact information, and schedules the automated refill ordering. For refill reminders, Q-Script® generates a list of prescriptions due for refill ordering, based on the lead time you specify, and in conjunction with AIS' RxCall® system, contacts customers to obtain their prescription order.

::: How does it work?
Pharmacy customers designate their chronic medication prescriptions that they would like to have automatically refilled or for which they would like to be regularly contacted prior to their refill date as a reminder to reorder. A member of your pharmacy's staff enters the associated prescription numbers onto Q-Script®'s user-friendly enrollment profile screen. Q-Script® queries your pharmacy system software real-time to access and display for confirmation the most up to date prescription information available for the prescription number entered. Each prescription is activated and an associated payment (cash, credit card, or on account), delivery (pickup, mail or delivery), and contact method (e-mail, text, or phone) is indicated by your staff.

Q-Script® then takes it from there. It serves as your pharmacy's behind the scenes personal scheduling assistant by maintaining a central database of all prescriptions identified for automated ordering and refill reminders. Each day, Q-Script® systematically scans its database to determine which prescriptions are eligible for reorder and either places orders for the associated prescriptions or sends a refill reminder contact request to RxCall®. Q-Script® also includes an order preview feature, for staffing and inventory needs forecasting, which enables your pharmacy staff to review, based on the lead time you specify, the prescriptions scheduled to be automatically ordered, prior to placing them into your pharmacy's pharmacy system fill queue.

In addition, Q-Script® maintains an updatable contact list for the prescriptions that have been filled, complete with patient name, prescription number, order and fill dates, contact method, contact phone number or e-mail address, and contact status. This contact list can be used by your pharmacy staff to let customers know when their Q-Script®-initiated prescription orders are ready. When RxCall® is also implemented, it interfaces with Q-Script® and can place and track the status of the "ready" notifications by phone automatically.

::: Benefits
Q-Script®'s results are immediate and will be a win-win for both your pharmacy and your customers.
Q-Script® promotes superior customer service, time-saving convenience, and improved medication adherence, resulting in customer loyalty and retention and better therapeutic outcomes. Customers participating in the Q-Script® automated refill ordering and refill reminders programs enjoy that they no longer have to remember to reorder their enrolled prescriptions. Their prescription refills will be available and ready when they need them and they will be subsequently notified via the contact method they specify.
Q-Script® maximizes the average number of fills per prescription through timely ordering, enhancing your pharmacy's profitability by increasing bottom line sales. In addition, Q-Script® enables your pharmacy to predict and schedule for non-peak times Q-Script®-related prescription filling, smoothing your pharmacy's workflow, enabling cost-effective staffing, and improving inventory control.

::: Implementation is easy

Q-Script® interfaces with most pharmacy systems and is simple to implement. Installation is as easy as installing the software on a pharmacy system Windows workstation PC or on another networked PC of your choice. Q-Script® is accessed using a web browser from any networked PC in the pharmacy.

Ask an AIS sales associate for demo information and learn why pharmacist designed Q-Script® allows you to work smarter, not harder.

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