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RxCentral® is a behind-the-scenes technological workhorse that boost your efficiency and cost effectiveness. A unique combination of software programs, RxCentral® allows you to centralize a large portion of your pharmacies' telephone and prescription filling functions. RxCentral® consists of two separate components , the Call Center sytem and Fill Center system. They can be used together or seperately. General store questions can be handled, as well as prescription requests from customers and orders from doctors. RxCentral® even determines which orders to fill at the central location and which at the local pharmacy.

Improves efficiency for an entire region by coordinating and streaming your workload.
Lowers cost per prescription while facilitating higher prescription volumnes.
Empowers your pharmacists to take a more expansive role with their parients.
Enables centralized telephone management, without the complexity of distributed IVR solutions
Results in more time for servicing of customers and follow through.
Allows more time for the promotion of therapeutic and generic substitutions, and OTC sales.

::: Central Fill Facility:

The Central Fill facility uses hi-tech automation to count and deliver prescriptions with greater speed and accuracy than local pharmacies. It is RxCentral® that processes the information, integrates local pharmacy software with centralized on-site automation, tracks prescriptions as they leave the central facility, and even logs the inventory of medications dispensed. As a result of the combined technologies, there is:
Lower dispense costs per prescription through automation and process control.
Reduced dispensing errors.
Less working capital tied up in inventory.

::: Integrates with other powerful technologies